Employee trade compliance made for 2021

We've automated the full process, from when an employee first goes to trade right through to generating reports you need for the regulator. Reduce risk, save time, and join us in the future of compliance.

A lightweight integration, launched in <1 day

Have your organization onboarded in <1 day, not 4 weeks or more. We can fix your pain points today as a standalone solution or on top of your existing platform.

Reduce non-compliant trades by 95%*

Your staff know exactly what they can and can’t trade with our employee portal. And your compliance team sees those requests centralized in one place. Happier colleagues, fewer infractions.

Cut 5 hours/week* from your workload

No more spot-checking, PDFs, or requests piling up in your inbox. We integrate feeds from 3,000 brokers and 401ks in real time.

Why Argus?

Reduce your risk of 20% of employees on dark accounts

20% of employees use a dark account. No longer: they want to trade via Argus.

Save 5-10 hours/week* of your time

We automate manual processes to ensure humans are only involved in highest-value ways.

10% boost* in employee NPS with compliance

Compliance shouldn’t be a bad word at your company. Let’s make employees happier - and therefore more compliant.

We’re here to help

Professional services firm or asset manager, bank or fintech, we’re building for you. Find out how you can empower your compliance today.